Saturday, July 1, 2017

Baseball,corn and a new book

Sorry for lack of post, but we have been busy in our garden and baseball. NW ( the oldest) made All-Stars and that meant more practice in preparation for the district tournament. He was thrown on a team with kids from the wealthier side of the tracks, kids whose parents spend an obscene amount of money on private baseball lessons and sending their kids to private baseball academies. Some of the kids also play on  travel teams and is supposed to be pretty good...right?
Well when it came time for the tournament we were hammered the first game 33-0. NW only got to play 1/2 of an inning, as you can figure the coaches had their kids in the whole time even though they could not produce one hit.
The next day was game two. This time they play NW the entire game. and wouldn't you know it, the kid from the country who hits rocks with a stick and plays whiffle ball with his brother in the yard  was the only kid who had two solid base hits. And those kids who get formal lessons? Well, they all ended up hitless. We lost that second game as well 15-1. But its okay, our boy ended up on top and personally had a great game. So now officially our season is over until the fall.

Our corn is about ready, and its looking really good. In another few days we will get to picking and shucking it all.

Fathers Day weekend we went and checked out a new camping/survival store. It was larger inside then we first thought, had lots of fun gadgets but a little on the pricey side. We didn't want our trip to be a bust, so Senior and the boys found a new book:

The writer is a former SEAL and inside is all kind of useful information like :

I know! just what the kids need to be reading


  1. Happy Independence Day (or as we call it, Brexit 1776), Senior.

  2. I'll be interested to get a final count on ears of corn (and maybe even a calorie count?). Congrats to the boys for showin those city slickers how to play baseball!