Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Wow! The gut punch heard round the world last night:

So I guess Trump won the referendum battle...


  1. What total fool thought it would be a good idea to run someone who did not live in the district?? Talk about not being able to fix stupid!! And, he went along with it!! What does that make him?!?!

    Not that I'm complaining...I keep hoping that if enough Republican types win, the Congress might eventually get the hint that the country wants the stuff Trump ran on to actually happen. I realize that is a radical thought, but, hey...they have tried everything else, maybe they will try listening to "we the people" and see we are not all total idiots. Sigh...some days I think I'm gonna need BP meds...

    1. blame Pelosi and liberal Hollywood. they put in a millennial type candidate, 30 years old and thought he could win. They threw money his way and fronted his campaign with the hopes of being able to make a statement. Only it backfired. Hollywood needs to stay the heck out of politics.. and Pelosi's days are numbered from what we have been reading.

      The media is out on a witch hunt and I just don't know when it will sink in to them that all the trump bashing is actually only hurting their cause..sigh.

  2. I was worried, because the Republican candidate wasn't very inspiring. Calforinia Democrats spent a vast fortune on the race, and the Republicans didn't have that kind of war chest. I'm glad it worked out for the best, both in Georgia and in South Carolina.

  3. no she really wasn't that exciting. But, it is funny that Hollywood decided to butt in, throw in loads of cash to get this guy elected and it flopped

  4. Glock Mom and Senior,

    Head lights must of hit them in their eyes....LOL
    It's always nice to see a plan no work :-)

    Sending hugs and love to y'all