Friday, March 9, 2018

We Know!!!!

That is has been a while since we last posted..  I assure you we are all alive and well. Just busy.  February was unseasonably warm, now March is here and its back freezing .Go Figure!!!!!
We did get our potatoes in the ground, along with some carrots and radishes. So far all is going well with them.
Then we have all been sick..fortunately not with the Flu but, with upper respiratory stuff  (aka: a really bad cold)

And  one day in February one of us had a birthday (okay it was me jugm)  the family made it nice, I got a Bill O'Reilly book "Killing England" which is really good, and a new 1000 piece mountain theme puzzle.

We also couldn't help ourselves and reconstructed our pig pen.  Then Senior went to an auction with our neighbor Farmer D and brought these two little girls home:

We named them "Penny and Dotty" which seemed kind of appropriate for their colors.  One thing I did not like is the agricultural people and auction house hot glued a tag to them. Once we got them home we had to hold them both down and pull the tags off, well a whole patch of hair came off too!..It looked awful.  But we have them settled now and they are adjusting to their new area. We have noticed that they are less active with the recent cold snap and stay bedded down more then on the warmer days.  But I know that as we head more into spring time and warmer temperatures they will once again be more active. I must say that I ( jugm) actually missed having pigs. I missed giving them our leftovers and watching them learn new things. They are quite intelligent.
Other news is both boys have started Spring we are there with practice twice a week. Somehow our team got lucky this season with no away games-- whoop whoop!

We have also noticed some new people have clicked our follow welcome to you all.

-Senior and Jugm