Wednesday, October 18, 2017

wildlife and the garden

Sorry for the lack of post. All I can say is we have just been busy with work, fall baseball, and school. So here is a update on all that's been going on around here:

Recently, we put out some more deer feeders, and planted our food plots. With the unseasonably warm weather we have had the past month the deer were slow to show. Then this past week a cold front moved through, Senior said to be on the look out because they move around more in cooler weather. Well,  this morning the dogs started barking, I  looked out the window and saw this doe and her two fawns smack in the middle of our driveway of all places eating acorns. Then they drifted to the edge of the woods and hung out there for another 30 minutes. I quickly grabbed my camera to show Senior and the boys.

Usually, when we see deer its at night on our trail camera, or they are running across the road in front of us. We never see them this close to the house but here they were just right outside our front door. I got to tell how serene and peaceful the moment was to sit there and watch nature at its best.

Again being surrounded by woods makes for lots of morning I sat on the porch with camera in hand watching the hummingbirds:

We have had two male cardinals around the property on a regular basis. I usually see them early in the mornings

  Things in the garden are starting to come to a seasonal end, we have given away so much okra that we could have opened our own road side stand and made a nice profit ( hmmmm   ideas for next year).  Senior and the boys love it pickled, so I made a few jars enhanced with red peppers

  Tomato's have been coming off the vines like tic- tacs, so I processed some sauce:

  Then there are the Collard Greens..  leaves so big they look like elephant ears. I was approached by a local culinary school about them, the head instructor wanted some for a function his students were cooking for. He also wanted to give a lesson in cooking traditional southern foods, so I loaded up a garbage bag full and donated them to the culinary school. They have also started buying eggs from us as well...that helps with the chicken feed cost.

The summer growing season has been long and I think we are all ready for a rest. We love being so self sufficient and able to store away all the good things we have grown. I will miss our daily chore of picking our veggies, but spring will be here before you know it and planning for next season has already started.


Monday, October 2, 2017

prayers for vegas

Where do you begin to put your brain around the events that happened in Las Vegas? Its is horrific and heartbreaking

All Senior and I can do at this time is pray for those families who lost a loved one, we just can't fathom that kind of pain. Our prayers are also with those in the hospital, May God heal them and help them through this.

We have our views on the POS shooter...But now is not the time for us to say them. Today we mourn

God bless those concert goers, and God Bless our Country....