Monday, May 22, 2017

Just a few random thoughts, new coop for mother's day and a really cool flashlight, StreamLight ProTac HL4

    Since baseball practice for the kids was rained out, I had some time on my hands to do a post tonight. First off, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. We have been busy around the house here, along with the kids baseball, and group stuff. I have been watching the news quite a bit and wanted to drop my thoughts on a few things. First....

     There was a big round-up of the Blood Nation Gang in and around Charlotte over the past week. They must have rounded up close to 80 of them on some serious federal charges. Good job to all agencies that were involved but something bugged me about the report. Toward the end of the report, some local official wanted to try and seek funding to rehabilitate them back into society with jobs. In my head, all I hear is the needle scratch off the vinyl record. Listen here Mr. Bureaucrat, they make a helluva lot more money doing what they do than what you could do by trying to get them a $10-12 a hour job so what makes you think that they want your handout? Why don't you put more of an educated answer to the problem as to why these young men have got themselves into the lifestyle. How about the FAMILY UNIT!!!!! You know, a mother and father participating in their lives.

    Another thing that really caught my attention was back down in Florida, the crooked-ass former congressional representative Corrine Brown has finally been caught with her hands knee-deep in the cookie jar and was convicted on 18 of 22 felony counts ranging from wire/mail fraud to tax violations by using a non-profit as her private slush-fund. It is about time she was caught and I know my father in law is laughing his ass off in heaven. I texted Stephen when I found out and I know he was happy by the sound of his texts. Another friend down there said, "Hey, at-least she has 3 squares a day, a cot to sleep on, and all the snatch she can eat". Sorry I had to throw that out there but you know it's funny. JUGM and I, her parents, her sister, Stephen, and ole pirate Jim lived in this lady's district and this P.O.S was corrupt as hell and everyone knew it, now she finally was caught. Oh, wait a minute. Since all these counts are felony counts, I guess that means she also looses all her congressional retirement for the 20 + years of service she did. Chalk one up for the good guys.

     Once again, here we go again with the Russian investigation into the Trump campaign. Wasn't there a investigation or two done already? What if this new year + long investigation turns up nothing? What is the next hissy-fit from them?

    A week or so before mother's day, I started on a new chicken coop for our 5 ladies that are laying the eggs. We decided that we wanted to kind-of clean up things around the property and actually take the time to build a decent coop. Well here are some pics of it.

Around $250 invested
Couldn't find a door to fit so ND and I made one


   Now onto the flashlight. On JUGM's birthday, I purchased here a flashlight to carry in her purse just in case she needed it and also to use as a weapon to strike at a person if needed. Yeah, its a good light for her, it is a Stream Light ProTac 2L with 450 lumens. So I figured, why not get one for around the house and of course it had to be big and freaking bright. So I went to my favorite site to purchase, and that site is not AMAZON, I don't like contributing to the ultra-liberal Jeff Bezos and purchased the Stream Light ProTac HL4 with it's impressive 2200 lumens

   Pictured above is the large ProTac HL4, the middle flashlight is an old Power-Tec cadet that I have had for about 9 years, and the ProTac 2L. All these lights will take the CR123A or RCR123A batteries. I also purchased the 2 pack of batteries with charge to run the HL4


   So to continue, I took these lights out onto porch that faces the garden to show you the difference in them, distance is roughly 70 yards. Sorry, I am not going to drop them in water, run over them with my tractor, bury them in mud for 40 days, place in a blender, etc, etc, etc. 

PowerTec at 200 lumens, pretty much sucks

StreamLight ProTac 2L at 450 lumens

StreamLight ProTac HL4 at 2200 lumens

   If you want a good light for around the house that will light some stuff up, I would recommend this light. I use it with another item that I have been doing a review of for 15 months now that came out during the Shot-Show back in 2016. Harry knows what it is as I have emailed him some pictures. I will publish soon. If you want all that technical crap, here is there website to go check out:

    Well I hope everyone has a great rest of the week. It's the end of the school year, both the boys are graduating with straight A's after having our second year in a row dinner with the school board for ND. Graduation for him is tomorrow. We are so proud of our boys, they excel in Academics and Athletics. Here's an extra, we went to the Columbia Fireflies baseball game yesterday. Here is a peak of the stadium. The boys wanted to see Tim Tebow play baseball, so we went.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017


JUGM here and I wanted to take a few moments to wish Senior a Very Happy Birthday!!!!
I am so darn proud of you and love you with all my heart. You are an awesone dad and husband. But most importantly you are my hero, my best friend and my rock. I hope you enjoy this special day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Praying for rain

Senior and I have been going through computer issues which explains our lack of posts this week and posting from a cell phone sucks so therfore this one will be short.  So, it looks like we will be doing some computer shopping this upcoming weekend.

Prayers please for south GA and North Florida. Well , really all of Florida. They need rain badly. Forest fires are burning at an alarming rate and things in our home state are not good. The pictures coming out of the St. Georges fire in the Okefenokee looks like a living hell. Rumor has it that unless they get significant drought busting rain that thing could burn until November.

All of our friends and family are currently okay and not in harms way, just having to deal with poor air quality due to all the smoke.