Sunday, November 12, 2017

American Pride Story

 A few weeks ago our oldest son NW brought home a writing project. It is called a ABC-123 story.  NW chose to do his about American Pride, he wrote this to honor veterans and to honor our flag. . It was challenging in some spots, and  may not be grammatically correct, or make sense in some parts .but the emotion of what he is trying to convey is felt.

A (1 word):America
B (2 words):became a
C (3 words):country of freedom
D (4 words):due to sacrifices of
E (5 words):exemplary actions dignified in order
F (6 words):for their fellow Americans. These sacrifices
G (7 words):were given from America’s servicemen. They gave
H (8 words): humility towards their country for it’s national defense-
I (9 words):intending to bring an end to wars and to  
J (10 words):justify other global problems before a catastrophe occurs. Although the
K (11 words):kind Americans remember soldiers legacies with a patriotic and prideful manner,
L (12 words): lesser minded Americans disrespect the soldiers who have or are serving this  
M (13 words):magnificent country. The latter type of American mentioned are people who are always
N (14 words):never thinking about how they receive such privileges as an American citizen. People of    
O (15 words):origins that differ from America are mostly denominated in terms of education, entrepreneurship, and sometimes
P (16 words):possession of property or living quarters. While these people suffer, the selfish Americans bathe themselves in                                                                                                              
Q (17 words):quarried privileges. What makes me furious is that the selfish Americans say that they are “proud Americans.”
R (18 words):Reverence needs to be established. The selfish Americans are oblivious to what America’s veterans and soldiers have endured
S (19 words):since the time of the Revolution War. From PTSD to the extremes of deceasement, all soldiers and veterans endured
T (20 words):traumatic involvements of all sorts. Do you see how hypocritical and disrespectful and how rude people can be towards their
U (21 words):utmost respected veterans and soldiers? When I think how people disrespect America I think about when students at school behave as
V (22 words):volatile substances. These students are shaming the American flag by laughing and mocking the Pledge of Allegiance - one of the main connections
W (23 words):with reverence and the sacrifices made by the servicemen of America. Always the simple things that undermine Earth's greatest things. Hearts are like
X (24 words):xenon when they are hateful- colorless. Hearts are ruby red when they are filled with compassion and reverence. People who disrespect America need to
Y (25 words):yield to the glories brought on because of sacrifice and remember them and use them with pride. The sort of pride that fills you with
Z (26 words):zealous desire; intended to fill your consciousness with the values of reverence. The values of reverence will take American pride to a another dimension of respect.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

camping out and a buck

One of the greatest advantages of living in the woods is having free space to do whatever you want. It has been our goal for a while to clear out an area and make it our personal camping grounds. Senior and the boys worked hard on this particular spot. However finding the right time proved a big challenge. Fall baseball consumed our weekends as well as trips down to check on mom, finally this past weekend our calendar was clear and the weather was nice so the guys pitched their Hennessy Hammocks, packed a small cooler, and headed out into the woods.

I, JUGM did not camp this time, but did hike out for a visit and dinner with them around the campfire. Then a little rain hit, but that did not dampen their spirits, Senior and his boys had a great time bonding and simply relaxing.

The week before Halloween, I was checking the trail camera and looked what popped up! A nice little 8 point. So have appropriately named him "8-ball". While out camping Saturday night Senior and NW caught site of him about 30 yards away, and I tell ya he is a big boy. We were amazed that he ventured so close to the camping spot, especially since they were not Scent blocked. The next morning they checked some of the trees and saw where he has been rubbing his antlers.

Rabbit to left, Buck to the center right (date correct, time wrong)

Last weekend we also took down what was left of the summer garden. Our freezer is now packed with green beans, and okra. The cabinets are packed with homemade tomato sauce and pickled okra. All that is left is the row of collard greens and food plots. It saddens me in a way, but I am also happy for the break.

As I said above we have been back and forth to see mom.. All I can ask for  is prayer please? The situation with her house, and her deteriorating health is bad. We pray every day for Gods mercy....