Sunday, April 30, 2017

update: three little piggies

     Just thought we would put an update out there on our three little pigs as these little democrats are quite a handful. As most of you probably already know that, pigs are some messy and dirty animals. The way we want to raise them is with clean food and water. As we found out so far, we had to get creative about how we do this so after some searching on the Internet and speaking with our friends at the local farm and feed store, we came up with these:

For  water we inserted a 1/2 inch stainless steel nipple drinker into a 4" PVC pipe, capped the bottom and put a screw in  lid on the top. It will hold 3 gallons of fresh water. It took a little while for the girls to investigate and figure it out, but they eventually got the hang of it.

And for feed we cut an opening into a 50 gallon water drum, all three girls can eat at the same time.


And for your daily dose of entertainment we took some video of this evenings slop time:

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Corporate Merger

I guess it was inevitable...  Having two separate blogs we were beginning to step on each others toes about who was going to blog about what...  So, the idea came while sitting around our fire pit one Saturday night...He asked and I said yes and "TA DA" here we are with a new blog that we will both be posting to. With that settled, then came the haggling over what would we call our new fabulous blog..  Several names floated around that night and finally we agreed on "Haze Gray and Red Clay"  Why you ask? Well, Senior served 20 years in the navy, many of times he was "Haze Gray and Underway". He always liked how that little rhyme sounded. The Red Clay part comes in because we are always knee deep in it here at the estate. So Voila! There ya go! the meaning behind our new blog name.

This blog will be about our daily life on our little estate in the country, gardening, livestock, the kids, canning, cooking, self reliance  and of course firearms. Occasionally we will get political and sometimes our posts will be long and sometimes short. Either way we will try to keep you all entertained. Have patience please as we are still under construction, I know I will change things up until we are completely satisfied with our layout and look. I have added our favorite blogs to our blogroll and we apologize if there are any I have missed, just let me know so I can get you added in.

-Senior and JUGM