Sunday, November 12, 2017

American Pride Story

 A few weeks ago our oldest son NW brought home a writing project. It is called a ABC-123 story.  NW chose to do his about American Pride, he wrote this to honor veterans and to honor our flag. . It was challenging in some spots, and  may not be grammatically correct, or make sense in some parts .but the emotion of what he is trying to convey is felt.

A (1 word):America
B (2 words):became a
C (3 words):country of freedom
D (4 words):due to sacrifices of
E (5 words):exemplary actions dignified in order
F (6 words):for their fellow Americans. These sacrifices
G (7 words):were given from America’s servicemen. They gave
H (8 words): humility towards their country for it’s national defense-
I (9 words):intending to bring an end to wars and to  
J (10 words):justify other global problems before a catastrophe occurs. Although the
K (11 words):kind Americans remember soldiers legacies with a patriotic and prideful manner,
L (12 words): lesser minded Americans disrespect the soldiers who have or are serving this  
M (13 words):magnificent country. The latter type of American mentioned are people who are always
N (14 words):never thinking about how they receive such privileges as an American citizen. People of    
O (15 words):origins that differ from America are mostly denominated in terms of education, entrepreneurship, and sometimes
P (16 words):possession of property or living quarters. While these people suffer, the selfish Americans bathe themselves in                                                                                                              
Q (17 words):quarried privileges. What makes me furious is that the selfish Americans say that they are “proud Americans.”
R (18 words):Reverence needs to be established. The selfish Americans are oblivious to what America’s veterans and soldiers have endured
S (19 words):since the time of the Revolution War. From PTSD to the extremes of deceasement, all soldiers and veterans endured
T (20 words):traumatic involvements of all sorts. Do you see how hypocritical and disrespectful and how rude people can be towards their
U (21 words):utmost respected veterans and soldiers? When I think how people disrespect America I think about when students at school behave as
V (22 words):volatile substances. These students are shaming the American flag by laughing and mocking the Pledge of Allegiance - one of the main connections
W (23 words):with reverence and the sacrifices made by the servicemen of America. Always the simple things that undermine Earth's greatest things. Hearts are like
X (24 words):xenon when they are hateful- colorless. Hearts are ruby red when they are filled with compassion and reverence. People who disrespect America need to
Y (25 words):yield to the glories brought on because of sacrifice and remember them and use them with pride. The sort of pride that fills you with
Z (26 words):zealous desire; intended to fill your consciousness with the values of reverence. The values of reverence will take American pride to a another dimension of respect.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

camping out and a buck

One of the greatest advantages of living in the woods is having free space to do whatever you want. It has been our goal for a while to clear out an area and make it our personal camping grounds. Senior and the boys worked hard on this particular spot. However finding the right time proved a big challenge. Fall baseball consumed our weekends as well as trips down to check on mom, finally this past weekend our calendar was clear and the weather was nice so the guys pitched their Hennessy Hammocks, packed a small cooler, and headed out into the woods.

I, JUGM did not camp this time, but did hike out for a visit and dinner with them around the campfire. Then a little rain hit, but that did not dampen their spirits, Senior and his boys had a great time bonding and simply relaxing.

The week before Halloween, I was checking the trail camera and looked what popped up! A nice little 8 point. So have appropriately named him "8-ball". While out camping Saturday night Senior and NW caught site of him about 30 yards away, and I tell ya he is a big boy. We were amazed that he ventured so close to the camping spot, especially since they were not Scent blocked. The next morning they checked some of the trees and saw where he has been rubbing his antlers.

Rabbit to left, Buck to the center right (date correct, time wrong)

Last weekend we also took down what was left of the summer garden. Our freezer is now packed with green beans, and okra. The cabinets are packed with homemade tomato sauce and pickled okra. All that is left is the row of collard greens and food plots. It saddens me in a way, but I am also happy for the break.

As I said above we have been back and forth to see mom.. All I can ask for  is prayer please? The situation with her house, and her deteriorating health is bad. We pray every day for Gods mercy....


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

wildlife and the garden

Sorry for the lack of post. All I can say is we have just been busy with work, fall baseball, and school. So here is a update on all that's been going on around here:

Recently, we put out some more deer feeders, and planted our food plots. With the unseasonably warm weather we have had the past month the deer were slow to show. Then this past week a cold front moved through, Senior said to be on the look out because they move around more in cooler weather. Well,  this morning the dogs started barking, I  looked out the window and saw this doe and her two fawns smack in the middle of our driveway of all places eating acorns. Then they drifted to the edge of the woods and hung out there for another 30 minutes. I quickly grabbed my camera to show Senior and the boys.

Usually, when we see deer its at night on our trail camera, or they are running across the road in front of us. We never see them this close to the house but here they were just right outside our front door. I got to tell how serene and peaceful the moment was to sit there and watch nature at its best.

Again being surrounded by woods makes for lots of morning I sat on the porch with camera in hand watching the hummingbirds:

We have had two male cardinals around the property on a regular basis. I usually see them early in the mornings

  Things in the garden are starting to come to a seasonal end, we have given away so much okra that we could have opened our own road side stand and made a nice profit ( hmmmm   ideas for next year).  Senior and the boys love it pickled, so I made a few jars enhanced with red peppers

  Tomato's have been coming off the vines like tic- tacs, so I processed some sauce:

  Then there are the Collard Greens..  leaves so big they look like elephant ears. I was approached by a local culinary school about them, the head instructor wanted some for a function his students were cooking for. He also wanted to give a lesson in cooking traditional southern foods, so I loaded up a garbage bag full and donated them to the culinary school. They have also started buying eggs from us as well...that helps with the chicken feed cost.

The summer growing season has been long and I think we are all ready for a rest. We love being so self sufficient and able to store away all the good things we have grown. I will miss our daily chore of picking our veggies, but spring will be here before you know it and planning for next season has already started.


Monday, October 2, 2017

prayers for vegas

Where do you begin to put your brain around the events that happened in Las Vegas? Its is horrific and heartbreaking

All Senior and I can do at this time is pray for those families who lost a loved one, we just can't fathom that kind of pain. Our prayers are also with those in the hospital, May God heal them and help them through this.

We have our views on the POS shooter...But now is not the time for us to say them. Today we mourn

God bless those concert goers, and God Bless our Country....

Monday, September 11, 2017


With Hurricane Irma, all the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, wildfires out west. It is easy to put today on a back burner. But, lets try not to. So many innocent lives lost that fateful day. Our prayers are with the families for continued strength and healing at the loss of their loved ones, and with our Nation to keep us strong and never forget....

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A yuppies evacuation plan...

JUGM here, and sharing this Facebook post from a yuppie friend of mine from Florida. No evacuation orders have been given for her area, and from what I understand they probably won't issue any,  and should any be ordered it will be the coastal areas, which she is not in:

#IrmaGerd #whattodowhattodo
Ok would going to Jacksonville and staying in a high rise condo (14th floor!) be a good idea?!?! (*Edited to add... my family, my parents who I don't want to separate from, our Uncle Joe and 2 sweet puppies!) Every Jacksonville hotel is fully booked cuz people from South Fl are going there for safety?!
Trying to think of all possible evacuation strategies. Also could drive 5 hours to ATL to J's family. Or 6.5 hours to T in Cary North Carolina. What to do what to do! Omg. Jax option seems easiest since it's only 40 mins from our house in Fernandina Beach.

So yea...lets evacuate to a high rise on the river in downtown Jacksonville, so when the power goes out you and your entire family will have to truck up and down 14 flights of stairs with your toddlers.

I post this so people can see what not to do during these type of storms, and the mentality that is out there..  

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Operation Bacon

     As planned this past Saturday, the day was started early. We all rolled out of the house a little after 0700 and finished setting up for our contingency plan. We also needed to wait for the sun to come up some more to give us better light. Once complete setting up, we began with first up, Katharine. JUGM started to tap the slop bucket and she came right over to the fence and I took aim with the Henry and one shot was placed about 1 inch above the eyes, center-lined and  she dropped straight down.

    So as she was on the ground flailing around, the other two went to her to see what was going on and nudging her. As her reflexes were ending, I had the perfect shot of Lisa and took it, she dropped straight down and started her flailing. Now by this time, the last remaining sow, Joanie had figured out what is going on and she knew she was next. As I tried to take the shot outside the pen like I did with the first two, she was not cooperating and here I go into the pen. Once in there, she would try to keep ahead of me while leading her head out of the way. After a few minutes of back and forth in the pen, she showed the shot. As soon as I took aim, pulled the hammer back, put finger on the trigger, she moved her head as I shot and let out a hellish squeal that had all the dogs in the area barking. I hit her about an inch below her left eye. So now I have a pissed off pig running around and what can you do but just let her calm down. So I wait a few more mins and she is standing in the back corner and trying to hug the fence to walk past me,  I lifted the Henry with hammer already cocked, pulled the trigger and she dropped down next to the fence. With all down, we commenced to remove the fence panels to pull them out to wash them off. Once they were washed off, we rolled them into the bucket on the tractor and I loaded them into the trailer.  

L to R, Katharine, Lisa, and Joanie

    Got them all wrapped up like a piggy in a blanket with the tarp and set off to the processor.

Lisa on the scale

Joanie on the scale, Katharine on rack
    Here are the numbers for them:

Katherine: 262 lbs

Lisa: 236 lbs

Joanie: 228 lbs

Grand total: 726 lbs

(I'm sure "APINC" doesn't care for the names, but who cares.)

     Tuesday morning we got the call that they were ready so I took Wednesday off to make the trip down to get them while the kids were in school. Once home, we went to work putting them away.

No bacon, want to experiment with some recipes for pork belly


Pork Chops (3/4" thick)
   The processor complimented us several times on the girls, and how great they looked. The accolades continued when we picked them up,  he was very impressed with the overall color and consistency of the meat. I will say, those were some outstanding pork chops and they were very good. I am very proud of JUGM as she did the majority of the work raising these sows for our nourishment and she did an awesome job.

Current plan is to take a break and redesign the pig pen into a concrete pad with a metal roof and a waste removal system that can be washed either into a drilled hole 4 foot in the ground or maybe a small septic tank and drain field, who knows which route we will go.