Monday, September 11, 2017


With Hurricane Irma, all the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, wildfires out west. It is easy to put today on a back burner. But, lets try not to. So many innocent lives lost that fateful day. Our prayers are with the families for continued strength and healing at the loss of their loved ones, and with our Nation to keep us strong and never forget....

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A yuppies evacuation plan...

JUGM here, and sharing this Facebook post from a yuppie friend of mine from Florida. No evacuation orders have been given for her area, and from what I understand they probably won't issue any,  and should any be ordered it will be the coastal areas, which she is not in:

#IrmaGerd #whattodowhattodo
Ok would going to Jacksonville and staying in a high rise condo (14th floor!) be a good idea?!?! (*Edited to add... my family, my parents who I don't want to separate from, our Uncle Joe and 2 sweet puppies!) Every Jacksonville hotel is fully booked cuz people from South Fl are going there for safety?!
Trying to think of all possible evacuation strategies. Also could drive 5 hours to ATL to J's family. Or 6.5 hours to T in Cary North Carolina. What to do what to do! Omg. Jax option seems easiest since it's only 40 mins from our house in Fernandina Beach.

So yea...lets evacuate to a high rise on the river in downtown Jacksonville, so when the power goes out you and your entire family will have to truck up and down 14 flights of stairs with your toddlers.

I post this so people can see what not to do during these type of storms, and the mentality that is out there..