Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter and other Stuff

It is Easter Sunday and we hope you all have a blessed day with your family and friends.

The big bunny came for a visit, and he really had a sense of humor being that today is not only Easter but April Fools Day , that darn bunny replaced candy with grapes wrapped in tin foil.  It made for a funny morning. 
Senior has put ribs on the smoker and I will be making a mac and cheese along with deviled eggs. A nice peach cobbler will round out our day for dessert.  

Seeds Catalogs are a spring time right of passage for me. Don't ask why but I like getting them in the mail. Its kind of like Christmas.  Baker Heirloom is a pretty good company with fast shipping. 

Ordered these seeds from them a few weeks ago and with every order you get a pack of free seeds. With our order they sent a "Black Tomato"  okay its not really black but purplish.  We are really excited about the Red Okra seeds we ordered, this variety is from Vietnam and should do really well when the temps get steamy, and as always to add in with our corn, I got some sunflowers.   Yesterday we got our corn in the ground and later today we will lay out our water lines..

So as you can tell, things are busy, busy, busy...We are just so darn happy for warmer temps and nice dry weather and finally being able to be outside doing stuff.   


  1. Happy Easter to your entire family :)

  2. Senior and JugM,

    I'm slow at responding, just got back on the computer the other night, and I'm trying to read everyone's blog.

    Grapes instead of candy, hmmmmmm......were they frozen grapes? Yes.Yes, getting seeds in the mail from Baker Creek Seeds is a Christmas present in itself. I'm interested in hearing how your Red Okra, and Black tomatoes do in the garden. Your way ahead of me girlie!!!! Can't wait to hear about your harvests in the near future.

    Sending hugs and love to y'all.