Tuesday, May 16, 2017


JUGM here and I wanted to take a few moments to wish Senior a Very Happy Birthday!!!!
I am so darn proud of you and love you with all my heart. You are an awesone dad and husband. But most importantly you are my hero, my best friend and my rock. I hope you enjoy this special day.


  1. I know how big a heroe that man is!!! you have told us all in so many posts!happy birthday Senior! a big, giant hug for you and go and kiss your beautiful wife..a woman i am proud to call a friend!

    sending love to you all! your friend,

  2. Happy Birthday and may it be blessed!!!

  3. Another year of experience, Enjoy your day Senior Chief.

  4. Happy birthday, Senior Chief!

  5. Getting a year older is getting a year closer to retiring and doing whatever you want , so it's a good thing! No bosses, no schedules, no being responsible for other people "at the office." It's pretty nice.

  6. Thanks everyone for the warm birthday wishes. Yes, another year older but also wiser. Harry, I like your plan, I have been on a 3-5 year exit plan to retirement. Maybe find me some cheesy job