Tuesday, August 8, 2017

things here...

Apologies for the lack of post over the past month, but we have been quite busy here at our little estate, and time just seems to get away from us. I looked on here and realized the last post was on July 11th.

A our neighbor down the road told us about a local feed store that sells empty barrels, but will then also fill them up with whatever feed you are in need of. It has proven to be more economical instead of buying bags of feed and loading and unloading it all.  On our first trip we had it filled with corn.

Senior got his deer tags in the mail the other day. so once we butcher the pigs the extra corn will go to attract the deer. We are planting food plots, and some nights we can sit out on our porch and see them down at the bottom of the garden feeding. That is another  reason why I love the country and rural life, we don't have to worry about finding some place to go hunt, the deer come to us. And not just one or two...sometimes its a small little herd.

 That's a lot of corn!!!!

Our okra is about shoulder high , and kicking it off like crazy. We have to be out there every evening now rain or shine, if not then the pods will triple in size. The past few weeks it has been bone dry, but finally this week we got into a rainy pattern and have some much needed rainfall.

Our panels and elevated irrigation system is working really well with the tomatoes, We put in these Parks Whoppers about 3 weeks ago and they are already kicking off tomato's.

 Since our new favorite thing is elevating our irrigation lines we decided to do it with our collards. I picked up a tray of Blue Max this past Saturday and got them all in the ground on Sunday.

Water is flowing quite nicely...

About an 80 foot row of collards.. Good thing our neighbors like them.  I am just really stoked about our fall garden, as everything is looking really amazing right now.

It has not been all work for us, on Sunday we surprised ND with a birthday trip to see our minor league baseball team play.We passed Bank of America Stadium where the Panthers play.

The baseball stadium is smack in the middle of downtown , and one of the prettiest ball fields we have been at. This was the view from our seats..

A good time was had by all, and the boys had a blast watching future MLB players.  In addition to this ND and I made a quick trip down to Florida to see my sister and visit mom. I am happy to report she is doing well. More and more she is up and moving around, and even eating better. Today during my sisters visit she even went outside for a bit and walked around in the fresh air. I was happy she was out of her dark room and being quite mobile.

School here starts back in a week, some days I think the boys are excited and other days I think they aren't. Either way I know we are all ready to get back to a routine.


  1. Time flies when your busy...has for us

    1. I tell ya Rob, its been crazy for us lately... hope you guys are all well

  2. Figured you were to your... 'whatever' in the garden! :-) Glad you got to take the boys to the game too!

    1. yea game was a blast. we all had a good time

  3. Your garden looks great. I hope all the rain we've had since your post didn't do it any harm. I still can't get used to school starting so early in August. Used to be it didn't start until after labor day.