Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Garden Stuff

Things in the garden are literally exploding. Beef Steak Tomatoes as well as our Romas are picked every day. And Yes I am making my own sauce this year.

Our peppers are looking good too. We are drying out the chilies and habaneros to make crushed red pepper for seasoning. And all the guys like having banana peppers in salads and etc... 

 I got our cantaloupes for free from the high school plant sale. Now with lots of TLC they are overtaking the bottom half of the garden. It seems like  every day we pick off a nice, sweet, juicy one. I really am going to pat myself on the back for this because when the lady gave the plants to me they had been damaged by a cold snap and she did not have much hope for them so its a proud moment for me.

Fall beans went in this week, Senior and I added  fence panels for supporting the runners we also weaved our irrigation line through the bottom rung so that it would be slightly elevated and provide more drip action. In the back ground of the second picture you can see our okra. It is about waist high and Sunday we cut our first batch.

And for your pig viewing pleasure and because it has been a few weeks since I posted a pic. Here is Lisa attacking Kathryn in order to get to the water hose. Playing in the water is a real treat for them. Good Lord they crack me up.


  1. Ok, I'm officially jealous as your garden is looking much better than ours. We didn't get the fence up quite fast enough and had peas, beans and corn taste-tested by bunnies, and the swiss chard didn't come up at all. But stuff is coming along.
    Your pigs sound great! Fighting over the water hose...lol. Wonder if they would do that with their own individual hose?

    1. as good as it may look, we battle weeds every day. It almost becomes an obsession.

      I think if they had their own hose, it would not matter. they would but each other out its a matter of dominance.

  2. Gurlie - your garden produce is AMAZING! we won't see anything like your harvests for another month or two! but yes - make your ow tomatoe sauce and hot pepper sauce this year. i freeze them (both tomatoes and peppers) until i have enough for canning or pickling or whatever. your pigs are so cute - what about getting them a kiddie pool?

    sending much love to you all, as always! your friend,

    1. Hey Gurlie.. yes making my own sauce and I found a super easy recipe. As far as the peppers, we are naturally drying them out to crush and make red pepper season.

      We had a kiddie pool of sorts for them, and then I got totally grossed out, because they would all pee in it, waddle around in it then drink it.. ick! So no more kiddie pool. Plus they don't know their size, so you can imagine what it looked like with those big butts all in one little pool....LMAO

  3. Hey Sweetie,

    I'm just in ah..... with your garden. I needed a garden fix, and after looking at yours and some of my other friends I'm enjoying my fix.

    Free and amazing entertainment watching Lisa and Kathryn fight over the hose. Time to pull up a chair and eat some popcorn :-)

    Sending hugs and love to you and your family.

    I like how you've weaved your irrigation system through the feedlot panel. This way you don't have to worry about tacking it down.

    In the heat of summer we used to juice up a cantaloupe, an apple, and a carrot together OMG talk about refreshing. Have you ever tried this?

    1. yea the pigs are a real hoot, and incredibly smart. No have not tried juicing fruit, but it does sound yummy.

      Much love to you guys!!

  4. You're gonna be BUSY canning... :-) And not long until the hogs become bacon and hams! :-D

    1. Yep and now the okra is starting to come in... Senior does love his spicey pickled okra I make for him.
      Can't wait for the pigs to become breakfast, lunch and dinner..lol