Thursday, September 7, 2017

A yuppies evacuation plan...

JUGM here, and sharing this Facebook post from a yuppie friend of mine from Florida. No evacuation orders have been given for her area, and from what I understand they probably won't issue any,  and should any be ordered it will be the coastal areas, which she is not in:

#IrmaGerd #whattodowhattodo
Ok would going to Jacksonville and staying in a high rise condo (14th floor!) be a good idea?!?! (*Edited to add... my family, my parents who I don't want to separate from, our Uncle Joe and 2 sweet puppies!) Every Jacksonville hotel is fully booked cuz people from South Fl are going there for safety?!
Trying to think of all possible evacuation strategies. Also could drive 5 hours to ATL to J's family. Or 6.5 hours to T in Cary North Carolina. What to do what to do! Omg. Jax option seems easiest since it's only 40 mins from our house in Fernandina Beach.

So yea...lets evacuate to a high rise on the river in downtown Jacksonville, so when the power goes out you and your entire family will have to truck up and down 14 flights of stairs with your toddlers.

I post this so people can see what not to do during these type of storms, and the mentality that is out there..  


  1. GMOM...all I can say is wow. I'm a little worried about you, Senior and da boys. In case you get a little breeze..LOL. What am I worried about they lived in FLA. Please stay safe.

    We told my oldest good thing he is back in MN. CAUSE I WOULD DRIVE to Orlando and drag him back kicking and screaming all the way back to Arcticland.

    1. its making a more westward movement which is good for us up here in SC. But really bad for Florida. We are pretty well prepared. I did go out today for a few extra items and just got a good chuckle at the people who don't think to prep for these things...

      I know you are thrilled your son is back in MN. Good thing he isn't trying to get out of FL. the traffic is a nightmare...literally

  2. Yeah, DH has a niece in NC who was clueless there was a hurricane anywhere out there. This was just after Harvey was all over the news for a week. I looked at the Weather Channel and the radar maps and told DH better call her to warn her to start getting ready in case it goes up the coast cause she will get clobbered. Last year I got pooh-poohed about how she was 100 miles in from the coast, there was no way she would be affected from the hurricane that was heading up the coast. They wound up being flooded out since it rained like crazy and all the rivers overflowed. And she had no food in the house, and the power went out, so did the well, and then they had no water for over a week. So she was driving around trying to find gas, water and batteries after everyone else had scarfed them up the week before. She didn't think to throw a pail in the pond, pour it into a pan on the stove and boil it for a minute. And she called asking for ideas of what to cook over a fire outside. DH told her anything ya cook inside can be cooked outside.
    This is a gal who was brought up out in the country, hunting and fishing, etc. I told him the city had taken her over for sure!!
    She has been a little more receptive to suggestions this time around, but still doesn't understand the concept of preparing all year long so not so much is needed at the last minute.
    Some people's

    1. We stayed prepared, and are way ahead of the majority of people. The way I look at it is...If I don't use it this time, then we will the next time, as we are very prone to not only hurricanes here, but also ice storms during the winter. IRMA has made a jog to the west, which is good for us here in SC, still gonna get nasty weather but not like originally forecast.

      As far as people like your neice and my friend..who by the way has decided in order to not freak her little kids out has decided to head to Atlanta tomorrow ( I guess she hasn't checked the latest forecast or seen the traffic on tv). Anyways, people like them are so complacent and think nothing can ever happen to them....well everyone has known about this coming storm for atleast we week...and what was my friend doing ???hunting for painted rocks in downtown Fernandina beach...smh

  3. I'm sorry, but teh stoopid is STRONG with that one... Sigh