Monday, August 21, 2017

Update on the Garden, Solar Eclipse, Preparing for Operation Bacon, and some thoughts

    Took the day off from work. Kids only had a half day as we are in the path of the eclipse. We are projected to be at 98 here. I don't really care to go to a city that has 100%, mainly because of the traffic. Took some pictures yesterday in the garden of the tomatoes, collards, and squash. I added pictures from 2 weeks ago of the mater's and greens to show the growth. Now I know there are some amateur pepper's out there that get their "Panties" in a wad when they pull up parts of their gardens and blame the heat and sun for their plants demise. Here is a pro-tip for ya, how about water your stuff...... Trust me it works. Also proper fertilization helps too.

08/20/17(zoom in for the tomatoes)



Squash (picture is from 08/20/17)

Notice the stress from the heat

No need to pull them up and be a quitter, water does amazing things

yesterday's bounty

     This coming weekend, "Operation Bacon" will begin. Joanie, Katherine, and Lisa will make their way to the processor. Operation will commence at 0600 and Winchester report to follow. In preparations for the event, there were a few things to do. We have stopped buying 16% pig feed and switched strictly to corn for their last few days. Once they are gone I can use the corn for deer season.
This morning we both took the kids to school then headed to get another barrel filled

at the grain mill

    So with their last meals on hand, next was to prep the storage of those cuts of meat. We went and purchased another freezer Sunday. We already had a 14.3 cuft upright and we added a 16 cuft chest to take us up to 30.3 cuft of cold storage. Making sure we could use all available space in the upright, I pulled it out of the building today and defrosted and cleaned it.

     Now, once they are ready to go, I was intending on taking the tractor and picking them up and dropping them in the back of my truck, but with all 3 it might be a tight fit for all, so this past weekend went and got 3 new tires for the trailer, hell the tires were 7 years old and still looked good but there is that little "Murphy's Law" standing on my shoulder putting thoughts' in my head of having a blow-out with 600 lbs. of pork sitting on the side of the road in the hot sun. I figured it would be a good time to change them out. While changing the tires, I pulled both hubs off, checked the bearings, and packed and put new grease in there. So with the tarp already layed out, all we have to do is back it down the hill to load up.

    Well I put in the title that I had some thoughts so here you go (Reader discretion is advised). I want to talk about this "Statue Issue" that the left has just been in an uproar since Charlottesville. First off, why do you wait until Obama is out of office to pitch-a-bitch? The first 2 years of his first term, you could have made farting in public a felony. So why now do you all of a sudden have a problem with Confederate Statues? I know, because there is a non-career politician that is white in the presidency that is trying to make this country successful again. When I heard that Nancy Pelosi wanted to remove the confederate statues from the capital rotunda after the stupid bitch has walked past them for how many years, I started to laugh. Just shows you how many stupid asses there are in her district in California.
    So these white-supremacists, neo-Nazi's, or whatever you call them this week in the media, they applied for a permit to exercise their freedom-of-speech and had every right under the law to be there and spread whatever message they wanted too. Some may like it, some may not but who are you to prohibit them from exercising that right under the Constitution? Well let's add social media, probably the media and a few other liberal organizations getting involved to set up a counter protest, without a permit and setting up camp to stir up trouble and violence as they always do, then all these media outlets show up expecting to see violence, well that's what they got. It's a shame that someone lost their life in the protesting.
     Why have we come to this? I feel that the liberals are trying every avenue, to include the race card to derail the current president from office because the are so pissed that their "Wonder-Girl" lost again, but this time to a white guy...... Let's look at the left and remind them of a few things......

Democratic party was established by President Andrew Jackson. remember him from the trail of tears.

Democratic party was prevalent in the south during the civil war and from what you liberals know that the south was about slavery, but you all vote democrat during elections even today.... Sorry, scratching my head while trying to figure out why all of you are "FUCKING DUMB-ASSES"? I apologize, I had a senior chief moment.

Democratic party was strongly against the passing of the Civil Rights Act but you still continue to support and vote Democrat.. LMAO

Republicans under President Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation to end slavery, not the democrats, but you still vote for those turds.

Last but not least, I am sure way back in time, there was no hunting season in Africa for slaves. You were sold out by your own people, the strong selling off the weak to benefit their bottom line so I think if you really want to protest and actually make a real justification for your actions, do your research and find the family's that were involved in the slave trade and go after them. That's where it starts!

You cannot erase history, you can learn from the mistakes from the past and build on them to make our country successful. Remember that. One thing I can say is that in a time of emergency in the navy, we never chose who we would save from a flooded or burning space nor never leave a shipmate alone on the beach to get attacked. One thing I will always remember from standing the mid-watch on Delta pier at Naval Station Mayport. There was a writing on the wall in the Sentry's shacks that stated "Why is it when we are overseas we are American's, but in homeport we are white, black, Asian, or Hispanic"? Think about that.....



  1. That's the problem with remembering our history. They didn't like America being successful. They were happy with Obama going around and apologizing for America being successful.
    More folks should think about how good they have it because you, and others, stood watch over ALL of us, not just the whites, or the Southerners, or the New Yorkers, or the folks from California, or the blacks, or the Asians, or the Mexicans.
    By the way, thank you for that.
    And good luck with the Operation Bacon! :)

    1. Thank you Suz, I have noticed for some years now that most people are only worried about issues that directly affect them and not the country as a whole. IMHO, there is no pride exhibited by a large numbers of Americans and as far as I am concerned, they can leave.

  2. Senior You hit a grand slam with this post. thank you sir.

    One question off topic, What in the hell were the look outs doing on the McCain...Or does the navy not use them anymore???

    1. Rob, I am greatly troubled with the current state of the Navy and it's readiness. I feel this has been coming on for along time and I feel that all this in port/synthetic training has really reduced the Navy to even do the basics of seamanship. Many years ago, the trip to Guantanamo Bay to do our Rough-Training was the best. You set sail every morning, did you training, arrived back into port around 1630 and cooked out and had beer on the pier with some outstanding Tarpon fishing on those piers. Reports for the McCain are that there was a steering casualty, which I don't see why the bridge didn't turn the ship with the props or all ahead flank to get out of the way, nor had Aft Steering manned up within 1 min with personnel to take control and steer the ship. Like I say, it all goes back to this new training philosophy.

    2. Senior, It must be Liberal math, that has me confused. We spend Billions of dollars to build the ships the Navy needs, then not spend the money to train our Sailors. Navy founders are rolling in their graves. Glads things are going great at our new F.O.B.

  3. Well done, sir. And those who bury history are doomed when it rears it's hoary head later, in one form or another...

    1. Shipmate, I agree whole heartedly.

  4. I watched a youtube video of a bunch of gutter trash pulling down a Confederate statue and then kicking it and dancing. That's illegal, and I wondered where the cops were .Then the news said the mayor had told the cops to "lay out" because he wanted the statue taken down. So much for the rule of law. I would have liked to kill those people. But that's the problem. Decent people obey the law as much as they can and it makes them helpless against trash that doesn't.

    I have been bewildered by these collisions at sea. I told my wife I did a stint on the U.S.S. Bainbridge (DLGN-25) during a reserve training session in the summer of 1973. We went out of Long Beach, out to Pearl Harbor and then to San Diego. I was aboard for about 8 weeks. One of the things I got to do was stand bridge watch at night. I sat at a big radar scope and all I had to do was report targets (low flyers, ships, boats, etc) to the officer of the watch. I don't see how, if it was so easy to avoid collisions back then, that they are happening now with the much better technology that must exist.